The Lovers

Multimedia Installation
Advisor: Emily McVarish | Bob Aufuldish

Process of work



Earlier this year, I went through difficult times in my personal life. I understand how hard it is to not having someone to talk about these struggles. I decided to collect stories from others, create contents, visualize them and share with other people. The outcome is when people experience my project, I want them to feel relating to their personal stories, and that they are not alone. Despite the heartbreaking or happiness in intimate relationship, it is still very beautiful thing that everyone should experience.

Statement: Trust is the foundation of an ongoing intimate relationship. It is an emotional process. It comes and goes. It gets bigger and smaller. It can be pleasurable and tragic. Wherever it leads us, trust is a quality that we always desire in a relationship.


About The Lover


The Lovers is an immersive multimedia installation. Abstract circles represent the choreographic movements of trust moving around three sides of the darkened room while these movements are synthesizing with the audio interview from different people sharing their love stories. The contrast between the literal of audio interviews and the abstraction of the circle is the bridge between the interviewers’ stories and the viewers’ personal experience.


IMG_3485 (1).jpg
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The form of the content is divided by different fragments from the interviews, including I Lost Myself, I Lost You, My Darkness, You Are Special, It’s Beautiful, in order to show the process of trust in an intimate relationship, whether the heartbreaking or happiness, yet trust is a quality that we always desire in a relationship. 


Keep It Alive


The Lovers has a profile on Soundcloud. It is the opportunity to share this project to broader audiences who are not able to experience the installation. It is a way to keep the project going in the future.


Installation Documentation


On May 17–20, The Lovers was showed at Cmnd+G Graphic Design Senior Exhibition at California College of The Arts. Here is the full experience 360 video documentation of the installation at the show. If you have a VR headset, please use it to have a full immersive experience.