Site Work | 2016

I decided to made this project right after the election of the U.S result since I saw so many of my family, friends and people I know had a tough time getting through it. In this performance art, I became a object which people can use to face their fear by putting it down on my body. To not let it hold them back from pursuing their dreams, their hope, and deciding their fate and their future. At the same time, I also expressed myself through trust and vulnerability. By covering my eyes with a black cloth, I restricted myself from seeing who was approaching me and limiting my defenses from anything negative that might happen. I think the core of an artist’s original impulse is to be found in the work itself.

The purpose of my performance art is not only to encourage people to engage to my performance, but also to bring them the feeling of releasing their fears, making them feel better after writing it down on my body. People might feel the words they wrote down through the pen to my body, their fears ran from them into me, and making them visible on my skin for others to see. I believed when people felt that way, it was the moment my performance became a powerful piece of art.




Camera: Sean Niu, Ivan Lou, Janice Salikin, Amy Nguyen. Music: Intro - Childs by Yui