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Idiot String

Rebranding | Identity | Design System


On Fall 2018, I was nominated to be a part of TBD at CCA. TBD* is a student-run design studio that using design to empower Bay Area non-profit.

We helped Idiot String update their brand voice to better reflect their mission and reach a broader audience.

Idiot String is a collaborative non-profit theater company dedicated to creating new works of ensemble theatre that are accessible to a broad audience and inspire creativity, engagement in the physical world, and connection between people.

Idiot String approached TBD* with the need of creating an identity that would reflect their voice and mission. The solution evokes both the ensemble nature and unique idiosyncrasy of Idiot String.


Idiot String’s culture has humanity and playfulness. By attending their workshops and further research, I discovered there are three main attributes that speak about Idiot String’s voice and culture, which are ensemble, idiosyncratic and heart.



The ‘i’s represent the collaboration between Idiot String and the audience. The red dots are aspirational aspect of the interaction between the audience and Idiot String since they are movable as a system and missing parts of the ‘i’s.

The different organic forms and sizes of each letter freely flowing represents idiosyncrasy, the freedom, and playfulness of Idiot String. They all go together in their own structure to create a charming ensemble.

Typeface Selection


We are using Zilla Slab and Alegreya Sans to express the friendliness and playfulness of the brand.


Color Pallette


The color palette theme is friendly, playful and close to nature to represent the modern look of a theater company.


Brand Guideline



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