Daydreams + nightmares

Graphic Design 3 | Mark Fox | F2017

This whole project is identity and branding for a film festival which showing films of Terrence Malick and Roman Polanski. The process was following different stages, researching, coming up with a title, wordmark, trademark, look-ups, patterns, posters, banners, program guide, 30s spot and some other extensions. 

Its title is Daydreams + Nightmare, the films of Terrance Malick and Roman Polanski. While Malick’s films are intensely visual, abound in beautiful nature imagery and they elude explanation, Polanski’s films are more about wartime atrocities, horrendous mass murder, a criminal conviction, global fame, great loves, and exile. As its title, you will be taken to a blurred journey with a visionary both fantasy, and thriller especially one of happy and unpleasant thoughts, hopes and ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake.

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